Call for Board Nominations

Do you want to help advance ALPHA’s mission to engage all Alaskans in public health? Service on the Board of Directors or as President-Elect is an excellent opportunity to become a public health leader in the state. 

We especially seek to promote diversity on the Board (geographically, by discipline, by public health interests, and by ethnicity) in order to best represent the membership.  All nominees must be ALPHA members – new members welcome!

Curious about running for the ALPHA Board of Directors but want more information before you decide?

Come learn from current ALPHA Board members about the Board, their experiences, and ask your questions regarding the nomination/application process. This is a 1-hour open discussion on Zoom during the lunchtime hour—come for the whole time, or just drop in when you can. Thanks for your interest, register today!

When: Oct 15, 2021 12:00 PM Alaska
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Read short bios of current Board Members

To nominate yourself or someone else,  see “To submit a nomination” below   

Submissions should be received by Thursday October 21, 2021

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Call for Health Summit Abstracts

The Alaska Public Health Association is now accepting abstracts describing your research or your programs, for presentation at the 2022 Alaska Health Summit. This online conference will take place January 18, 19 & 20, 2022. Abstract submission is requested by October 15, 2021. More information about submitting abstracts is on the Health Summit page.

Call for Health Policy Resolutions and Position Papers

Committed to developing sound health policy and advancing the public’s health, the Alaska Public Health Association (ALPHA) is inviting its members to respond to the annual Call for Resolutions and Position Papers to be voted on by the membership in January 2022 in conjunction with ALPHA’s General Membership Meeting. More information available on the Resolution page.

Save the Date

Virtual Alaska Health Summit ~ January 18 – 20, 2022

Please email the conference coordinator, Monica Lee, at, with any questions you may have regarding the conference. We look forward to seeing you virtually!

Speak for Health Campaign

APHA’s Speak for Health campaign is coming up soon. It’s an opportunity for Affiliate and APHA members to advocate for public health and connect with federal legislators when they are home during August recess. We could potentially plan ALPHA activities, in addition to these ones recommended by APHA:

Speak for Health Ideas:

  • Attend 2021 Speak for Health Advocacy Training Webinar – July 15, 3-5pm (ET) – Link to register for webinar:…
  • Only have a few minutes:
  • Have a little more time:
    • Attend a (Virtual) Town Hall
    • Make a congressional visit to your Senators and/or Representative(s)

Other Resources:

ALPHA Board Blog 28 Mar 2021

What would a vaccine for the climate crisis look like?

Over the past year, many commentary writers have pointed out similarities between the coronavirus pandemic and the climate crisis. They’ve reminded us that, in both cases, we were warned by experts. Many government leaders denied the existence of both problems, and some of the general public were drawn into dismissing the experts. Both threats have no regard for national borders, with the most vulnerable people everywhere being at highest risk.

Okay, fine, but what can that tell us about finding solutions? Well, here’s another important similarity: individual, voluntary actions by citizens aren’t enough. It takes policy actions by the federal government.

Small, individual actions we can take to help fight climate change include replacing light bulbs with LEDs, reducing our meat consumption, and driving less. In a way it’s the same with social distancing and wearing a mask to fight Covid-19 – individual efforts can help slow down the rate of increase (of Covid-19 cases, or of greenhouse gases), but by themselves they aren’t enough to bring an end to either crisis.

For the pandemic, the real solution, of course, is widespread vaccination. And although the vaccines are manufactured by private companies, ensuring their rapid development and distribution are things only the federal government can do. (more…)

ALPHA Board Blog 13 Feb 2021

ALPHA members who attended the membership meeting at the 2021 Health Summit last month participated in one of our primary forms of member engagement, the annual vote to adopt resolutions. This year we adopted seven resolutions on a wide range of topics, all drafted and submitted by members. (You can always find ALPHA’s resolutions, past and present, under the Advocacy & Policy tab above.) In coming weeks, we’ll review each of the 2021 resolutions here, beginning with “Human Health and Protection of Nature.” (more…)

ALPHA Board Blog, 3 Feb 2021

The weeks, and then the days, leading up to the annual Alaska Health Summit were such a frenzy of activity for the ALPHA board and our conference coordinator that these days since the Summit feel almost empty in comparison. Summit preparations were of course made extra complicated by taking it online for the first time. It’s a relief to have the event successfully behind us, and gratifying for all that we learned about the process — especially because of the excellent attendance and participation by ALPHA members. Thanks to all who were there! (more…)