Shots Heard ‘Round the World: Managing the Impact of Social Media Attacks

Health care providers and trusted health professionals enjoy some of the greatest profession respect in the world. But coordinated, global anti-vaccine attacks targeting these individuals have unleashed waves of attacks intended to bully, threaten, and harm pro-vaccine advocates. In October 2017, two large anti-vaccine groups directed one of these massive worldwide social media attacks on Kids Plus Pediatrics. But, as the headline of a news article on the attack put it, “They picked on the wrong group.”

Now almost exactly two years later, that group, Kids Plus Pediatrics is orchestrating a powerful, science-based, four-pronged international counter-response. Our goal is to communicate and innovate, to embolden and empower vaccine advocates to improve their vaccine communication and develop their social media voices to optimize their trusted, longitudinal relationships with families to stand up for science and successfully vaccinate.