Membership Benefits

  • Receive emails about upcoming events and advocacy issues
  • Participate in development and adoption of ALPHA Resolutions to influence health policy
  • Leadership opportunities: serve on the Board of Directors and committees
  • Eligibility for awards for outstanding public health professionals

ALPHA is on Facebook

In the Alaska Public Health Association 2008 membership survey, respondents indicated that the thing they appreciated most about ALPHA was the opportunity to connect with colleagues. Recognizing that the organization provided few opportunities besides the Health Summit for those connections to be made, the Board decided to facilitate the interaction by establishing an ALPHA Group on Facebook. Here is how you can meet your colleagues from across the state:

  • Current Facebook users who are ALPHA or American Public Health Association members can search for the ALPHA (Alaska Public Health Association) group on Facebook. Type ‘ALPHA – Alaska Public Health Association’ into the search field after you have logged onto Facebook and click search. One of the links should take you to our Facebook group. Go to the ALPHA Facebook group »
  • If you are not yet a Facebook user but you are a current ALPHA or APHA member and would like to connect with members of the ALPHA Facebook group, you must create a Facebook account first and then follow the previous instructions.

The Facebook ALPHA group is currently a closed group. The administrator will approve you based on your membership standings of ALPHA or our national affiliate the American Public Health Association.

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