About Us


Advancement of the public’s health.


Serve as a hub that connects all health groups in Alaska.

Core Values

  • Equity: All Alaskans have the right to live under conditions that promote and protect health.
  • Integrity: Our actions will always be ethical and based on the best available information.
  • Excellence: We will strive to be effective in all our undertakings.
  • Leadership: We will forward a vision that inspires action.

Towards this end, ALPHA will:

  • Work to identify, raise awareness about, and advocate for public health in Alaska;
  • Strive to educate, guide and influence issues affecting the public’s health;
  • Partner with other public health advocates on targeted initiatives;
  • Advocate for and encourage public involvement in the Alaska public health process to improve public health outcomes;
  • Participate in the development and advocacy of sound public health laws and policies, using best practices; and
  • Promote efforts to develop and sustain the public health workforce.

ALPHA is organized and operated exclusively for charitable purposes with the meaning of Section 501 (C) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code.