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State of Alaska

Public Health Nursing

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The Division of Public Health (DPH)  has over 450 employees and a budget of approximately $130 million. Our staff work within the specialty areas of public health nursing; chronic disease prevention and health promotion; epidemiology; emergency programs; women’s, children’s and family health; health planning and systems development; the state laboratory; the Bureau of Vital Statistics and the Medical Examiner’s Office. Learn more about our mission and vision and our individual sections at Division of Public Health.  

Public Health Nursing is the section of DPH in which most of our division’s  nurses work and is the largest section within DPH. With a staff of 199 and an annual budget of approximately $33.6 million, Public Health Nursing is responsible for delivering statewide essential public health services at the village, community and regional levels. Located throughout a geographically large and diverse state, staff work in 23 public health centers, itinerate to over approximately 200 towns and villages, and provide support for three grantee/contract sites, the Municipality of Anchorage, the North Slope Borough and Maniilaq Association. The presence of our public health nurses at the local level assures timely response to public health concerns and are the feet on the ground promoting and protecting the health and wellness of Alaska’s communities. The current public health priorities for the section are improving immunization rates, reducing infectious diseases, responding to the nationwide obesity problem, decreasing the incidence of interpersonal and family violence, and emergency preparedness. Please go to Section of Public Health Nursing to learn more. If you are new to public health nursing as a career field, please watch our four regional videos to see our nurses in action: South Central Region, Southeast Region, Southwest Region and Interior Region.  Please note the minimum qualification for our public health nurse series is a BSN degree.

As well as our public health nurses, other nursing career opportunities are nurse consultants and nurse consultant program managers in our Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, Women’s Children’s and Family Health, Epidemiology, and Emergency Programs sections. RNs are also eligible for many other positions within the division, such as public health specialists, health program managers, nurse/health practitioners and medical assistance administrators.

Please contact Jerrine Regester, Workforce Specialist, at  or 907-465-5669 if you have further questions. (Posted 11/20/15)

Public Health Specialist II, Newborn Hearing Program Manager, closes December 2nd.

Epidemiology Specialist I, Vaccine-Preventable Disease (VPD) Surveillance Coordinator, closes December 2nd.



Public Health Nurse Aide, Ketchikan Public Health Center, closes December 1st.

Entry or Journey Level Public Health Nurse:

Public Health Nurse I/II, Bethel Public Health Center, closes November 23rd.

Public Health Nurse I/II, (Part-Time), Ketchikan Public Health Center, closes November 24th.

Public Health Nurse I/II, Fairbanks Public Health Center, closes November 30th.

Experienced Level Public Health Nurse: 

Public Health Nurse III, Itinerant Public Health Nurse (2 opportunities), based out of the Fairbanks Public Health Center, closes November 23rd.

Public Health Nurse III, Itinerant Public Health Nurse, based out of the Bethel Public Health Center, closes November 27th.

Public Health Nurse III, Ketchikan Public Health Center Team Leader, closes November 30th.

Public Health Nurse III, Mat-Su Public Health Center Team Leader, closes December 7th.

Public Health Nurse III, Preparedness Public Health Nurse for the South-central region, closes January 8th.

Public Health Nurse III, Valdez one-nurse station, closes January 11th.

Public Health Nurse III, Cordova one-nurse station, closes January 11th. 

Clinic Manager Level:

Public Health Nurse IV, Nurse Manager for the Bethel Public Health Center, closes December 11th.

Public Health Nurse IV, Nurse Manager for the Mat-Su Public Health Center, closes December 18th.

Nurse Consultants/Advanced Nurse Practitioners:

Nurse Consultant II, Women’s Health or Family Nurse Practitioner, based in Anchorage, closes December 18th.

The Municipality of Anchorage, Health and Human Services

Clinical Service Supervisor (Community Health Supervisor)

Provide overall management, administration, and strategic direction for Clinical Services, with functions including immunization, communicable disease prevention and treatment, tuberculosis prevention and control, family planning. Directly supervise Health Information Management Supervisor and Assistant Clinical Services Supervisors. Work with Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) leadership, Clinical Services staff, the State of Alaska, grantors, and community agencies to assess community needs, plan programs/projects and implement community health intervention strategies. Develop partnerships that maximize use of DHHS resources to improve community health. Lead preparation, management, and reporting for Federal and State grants. Ensure that all Clinical Services programs and staff adhere to federal, state, and local regulations, laws, and statutes pertaining to fiscal responsibilities, clinic services, standards of care, staff position duties, and grants specifications. Prepare and monitor Clinical Services budgets. Other related duties as assigned. (Posted 11/4/15)


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