Committed to developing sound health policy and advancing the public’s health, ALPHA solicits resolutions and position statements from members for action at our annual meeting. The adopted resolutions form the basis for our advocacy efforts and remain relevant in perpetuity unless revoked or archived by the association.


Here is a list of past resolutions.  Click on the link to view or download a copy resolutions by year. A summary only is provided for resolutions before 2008.


Approved Resolutions
2019 2019-01 Alcohol Statutes
2019-02 Supporting State Efforts to Address Interpersonal Violence
2019-03 Outdoor Recreation
2018 2018-01 Tobacco Age 21
2018-02 Safe Routes to School
2018-03 Housing and Homelessness
2018-04 Public Health Nursing
2018-05 Alaska Native Suicide Prevention
2018-06 Alcohol Statutes
2018-07 Carbon Tax
2016-17 2017 Resolution Supporting Smokefree Workplace & Public Places
2016 Resolution Support for State Efforts to Address Opioid Overdose Deaths
2015 2015 Resolution Taxation & Regulation of Marijuana
2014 2014 Resolution Medicaid Expansion
2014 Resolution Local Foods
2014 Resolution Community Water Fluoridation
2012  2012 Accreditation Resolution
2011  2011 Reimbursement for New BH Provider Types
 2011 Legal Protection During Crisis
 2011 Health IT Funding Support
2009  2009 Support for a Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Tax
 2009 Quality School Based Physical Education
 2009 Protecting Vulnerable Populations from Exposure to Toxic Chemicals
 2009 Opposition to the Death Penalty
 2009 Improving Health Through Transportation and Land Use Policies
 2009 Comprehensive School Health
 2009 Behaviorial Health Issues in the Arctic
 2009 Alliance for Aviation Across America
2008  2008 YRBS Support
 2008 Support AHEC
 2008 State Funding Community Health Centers
 2008 SEARCH Reinstatement
 2008 School Breakfast Program Funding.
 2008 Reform Chemicals Policy
 2008 Obesity Program
 2008 Nurse Practitioner Delegation of Authority
 2008 Healthy Families
 2008 Health Care Loan Repayment Incentive Program
 2008 Enhanced Dental Adult Medicaid
 2008 Denali KidCare Income Eligibility
1983-2007  1983-2007 Summary of Resolutions

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