Except the Executive committee, current ALPHA members are welcomed to be a part of any committees below. Please contact us if you are interested.

Board of Directors

Chair: Jayne Andreen

Members: Lisa Aquino, Katie Reilly, Mary McEwen, Diane Peck, Ali Hamade

Provides guidance and support to the officers and committees of the Association in carrying out the routine and special business of the Association in accordance with the Constitution and Bylaws.

Health Policy

Chair: Ali Hamade

Members: Jayne Andreen, Katie Reilly, Sarah Nash, Mary McEwen

Annually, the Committee seeks resolutions and position papers from members that are presented and voted upon by ALPHA membership at the annual meeting during the Alaska Health Summit. The resolutions and policy statements are the advocacy tool for the Alaska Public Health Association. The Committee also analyzes and posts it’s position on health related legislative bills to support advocacy efforts.


Chair: Katie Reilly

Members: Jayne Andreen, Janet Johnston

Assesses the financial affairs of the organization.


Chair: Diane Peck

Members: Joe Sarcone

Solicits nominations for the Alaska Public Health Association Board and President Elect. The Committee also requests nominations for awards to be given at the Alaska Health Summit. ALPHA awards provide an opportunity to recognize colleagues and acknowledge their contribution to the Alaska Public Health Association and to public health in Alaska. The Awards Committee selects the honorees from those nominated.

Health Summit

Chair: Mary McEwen

Organizes and presides over the Alaska Public Health Association’s annual Health Summit.


Chair: Shawne Johnson

Members: Nancy Nix, Diane Peck, Sheli Delaney, Joe Sarcone, Deandra Ingram

Focuses on funding, grant possibilities and mini-grant awards, donations, marketing and branding, public education and producing a newsletter. Develops and implements efforts to recruit and maintain membership in ALPHA.



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